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5 Effective Tips That Will Make Your Website More User-Friendly

Ease of use of your site as user friendly website? A matter of course, you might say. An art, we say.

Ease of use is about knowing your target audience. It’s also about knowing when you have too many choices in the menu or too many categories. It can be a website that loads late, a page that does not follow universal design, and too many “dead” links. There may be too much or too little guidance through the page, incorrect use of color, too much or too little content, misleading information, unresponsive and user unfriendly website pages and so much more.

As a leading Web Design Company in India, We often get questions from our customers about what they can do to increase the usability of their websites. Therefore, in this blog post we will try to give you five simple tips on what you can think about if you want to improve your website.

  1. Define Your Target Audience

Defining your target audience is important whether you are running a marketing campaign or designing a website. The point is, you need to know what your customers are emphasizing when choosing to stay on your website, in order to guide them.

For example, if you have a blog and know that your customers visit your website to read it, you should make it easily accessible from the front page. If there are any other points or categories you know your customers visit your website for, you should also make this easily accessible. Remember that the customer should be guided through your page based on their interest.

2. Define What Your Company is All About

It is important to tell your customers who you are or what your business is all about as a brief introduction. This means that you follow a common thread throughout the website, and never walk away from it. Do not give your customer misleading information, but be straight to the point.

3. Universal Design

Universal design is based on a principle that everyone in society should participate. This means that you must adapt the physical conditions so that, for example, visually impaired people can navigate the website.

Here you have to think about pictures and graphics, as well as the use of colors. You also need to think about whether you have objects that are easy to click on and that the website follows code standards.

It is important that you avoid unnecessary context change, and that the page has visually definable links, and much more. Today, universal design is also required by law, but some industries have stricter requirements than others.

4. Responsive Website

Have you ever visited a website from your mobile phone where you had to drag yourself across the screen to be able to read everything?

Responsive website Design in short is nothing but websites that respond to different screen sizes. This means that the pages stretch and flow automatically, without you having to change anything yourself.

A website that is not responsive will often experience a drop in rankings in Google, as well as fewer visitors. Today, we have become more and more concerned that websites should work optimally for us to spend our time on them. Many of us visit different websites from the mobile screen and are therefore dependent on responsive websites.

Are you unsure if your website is responsive or user friendly website? Take a quick test by resizing your browser. Do you see that the elements follow? Then it is responsive.

5. Transparency

Think of a case where you visited a website you quickly clicked out of again. Did not like the page completely? Why?

Clarity is and should be a high priority, and is the usability. A website that has a front page crammed with information, images and graphics, and which does not have a logical guide will be perceived as confusing and junk. The company that owns the site can be serious and even the best about the products or services they provide – but this message will not be communicated through a confusing website.


With these five simple tips, I hope you will get a slightly better overview of what makes a site user-friendly website. To know more details, visit our website: NEERAJTHEWEBPRO.COM

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