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Don’t Sell Ice Cream, Sell Magic

The most important thing to know about the ice cream business is that what you serve is a scoop of magic.

Ice cream is more than just a sweet confection; it’s a feeling.

Amy Simmons went into the ice cream business not just because she loves it, but because she enjoys its effect on customers.

Don’t sell ice cream… you can get that at any grocery store.

  • Sell fun.

  • Sell variety.

  • Sell mom and dad and grandparents making memories with their kids.

  • Sell a great experience.

  • Make sure the place is spotless and your staff are clean and courteous.

  • Don’t be the least expensive… or the most… but make sure the quality of the product and experience matches the price/value.

  • Of course… have good ice cream.

  • Give free tastes and samples.

  • Make sure the staff is happy and wants the customer to be happy.

Going out for ice cream has positive effects on the mind and lifts your mood. Ice cream must be made of magic then; you’ll never see an unhappy person eating ice cream unless they just dropped their scoop on the floor!

"People don’t just go to an ice cream store because they’re hungry. They go because they’re happy, because they want to celebrate, or because they’re going on a date. It can be a reward. There’s something about it that’s just bigger than food.”

Ever seen anyone vigorously unhappy at an ice cream shop? The only time you'll see tears is when little Jimmy drops his triple scoop cone on to the floor. (Worry not, the shop will give him another one, and some napkins for his watery eyes and runny nose.) Ever heard people shouting, fighting, or pushing and shoving at an ice cream store? No? Why? Because for almost everyone who comes inside, it's a place of fun, of peace, of things that look good and taste good.

Play up the magic of ice cream by hiring warm staff members, building an inviting ice cream space, and putting your all into creating one-of-a-kind flavors that light up your customers’ day. Train your staff to have great customer service skills, and remind them to treat customers like guests in their homes. A smile is contagious, so hire workers whose happiness feels contagious.

Every ice cream shop has its own style. Incorporate these traits so they reflect your unique brand.


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