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Offer creative drinks to increase sales

The benefit of being a small independent coffee shop is that there’s a large portion of the coffee-drinking population who prefer not to purchase from the big guys, and instead want to support local business. When you are a small independent coffee shop, here’s a quick list for convincing locals to switch from the chains and start drinking locally by adding creative drinks to the menu.

Here are some of our favorite takes on the classic iced coffee

Lavender Latte: This light and refreshing iced coffee has a unique kick that will keep you sipping. Each place makes them a little differently, but it all is up to you how lavender-y you really want it. The most mainstream way of making it is to make a lavender simple syrup and use that to add the floral flavor while giving it a sweeter taste. Proceed to make the rest of your iced coffee as usual.

Nitro Iced Coffee: It seems like everything can become nitro-ified now. But if you’re going to try one nitro thing this summer, make sure it’s a nitro iced coffee. It’s cold brew served from a nitro tap, which is as crazy as it sounds. It looks like a stout but tastes like the best coffee you’ve ever had. The nitro gives it fizz with a smooth mouthfeel and a creamy texture. As an avid milk adder to coffee, I found that I didn’t need to add anything to this and completely loved it.

Espresso Tonic: Fizz, fizz, everywhere. Adding a little carbonation never hurt anyone I suppose, and what better way to spruce up your summer drink than by slowly pouring it over tonic? Everyone has their own twist to this basic idea, but the most barebones is that you pour espresso over tonic water, using a spoon to make a layering effect. From there you can add whatever flavors you want—a common addition is some orange bitters to add a bit of zest!

Cold Brew: You can find a classic cold brew anywhere nowadays, and that’s because it’s that good. What makes cold brew different from your regular iced coffee is that it’s actually brewed by steeping the grounds in cold water for about 24 hours, then straining and serving. They now sell a cold brew syrup at most grocery stores where you mix it with water to have a quick and delicious iced drink at home, and it cuts out all the waiting time!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee: The key to a solid Vietnamese iced coffee is making sure your coffee is strong enough, so it doesn’t end up cloyingly sweet. To make, add two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk to a tall glass and fill with ice cubes, then pour your strong hot coffee over and stir, stir, stir! It’s a perfect way to start the day, or even a great way to end it—just don’t forget to use decaf!


Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed this article and this may help you in your business boost.

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